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We Support All Our Troops!!!
We Support All Our Troops!!!
...and then...on the seventh day God a County Line v/c van.

County Line Vans was established in 1980 (some say 1978). The name was picked by the proximity of its members to the county line of Racine and Kenosha, hence County Line Vans. Prior to the formation of County Line Vans the members were considered the southern chapter of Suds City Vans of Milwaukee.

County Line Vans presently has 33 members and associates. We are a structured club with dues and monthly meetings. We have an incentive program for attend meetings and events, which gets applied to offset cost of future van events. Our club also has many inter-club activities, such as potlucks, picnics, and bowling parities for its members throughout the year.

We host two events per year. On the 1st Sunday in June, 1:00 P.M. thru 5:00 P.M., we have our beer bust, at a donation of only $2.00 per ticket. This event is well attended by vanners and the local public. It is well know for cheap “good time”. Trophies are given out for games such as horseshoes (women and men), and beer chugs for both. We also have raffles throughout the day for many misc. prizes, with our big prizes being given out at  5:00.

Tickets will be on sale at most events after the 1st of year.

Our 2nd event is our Van-in “Van-A-Mega-Mania”, held in June also, on Fathers Day weekend. At the present time it is being held at the Jefferson County Fair Grounds in Jefferson, WI. We may be small in attendance, but a good time seems to be had by all. Come try us sometime and see for yourself.

We are usually well represented at events, which are in reasonable driving time, along with National, and Council of Councils. The men were also known for a “red eye” run for the weekend to a truck-in in Texas.

County Line Vans were the ones that brought you ice and water at the Nationals in Beaver Dam, WI.

County Line Vans are totally dedicated to the vanning movement and have a 100% membership in the Wisconsin Van Council.

Seriously, we're still trying to collect the rest of the pieces...
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So far, the facts were taken from the Wisconsin Van Council's Site.
If we have any more info...we'll post it.

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